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LMS Usage and Conditions of Enrolment Site policy All users


These conditions  govern the use of the Conditions of Enrolment and use of the Learning Management System for all students of The Centre for Athlete and Sport Education. The LMS is used in all courses as a means of supporting and enhancing student learning and facilitating access to learning materials.

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  • Access to the LMS will be provided by a unique login and password
  • Account holders must take all reasonable steps to protect their account from unauthorised use
  • Users are responsible for all activity performed with their account
  • Logins may not be utilized by anyone apart from the individual to whom it has been issued
  • Users must not allow others to perform any activity with their accounts. Similarly, users must not perform any activity with accounts belonging to other users
  • Users are responsible for maintaining the security of their passwords
  • Passwords should NEVER be shared, written down, or stored electronically
  • Users will have access to their course or online portal for 6 months after the closing date for the final assessment (if no final assessment, 6 months after the end date of the course). After this time all assessment items/assignment and activity completion reports will be downloaded and stored and users removed
  • User accounts not enrolled in any course after 3 months of account creation will be removed
  • Users should keep a copy of all assessment tasks.


© The The Centre for Athlete and Sport Education. 2020. All rights reserved.  Content in the LMS is owned by The Centre for Athlete and Sport Education or its third party licensors.  Some content on the The Centre for Athlete and Sport Education LMS may also be subject to other intellectual property rights held by The Centre for Athlete and Sport Education or a third party. 


While we endeavour to ensure that all content published on the The Centre for Athlete and Sport Education LMS is correct at the time of publishing:

  • We make no warranty about the accuracy, completeness or reliability of that content
  • You must not rely on that content and should confirm the relevant information with the originating or authorising faculty, department or other body
  • We are not responsible for the actions of third parties (including users of The Centre for Athlete and Sport Education LMS)


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Students may withdraw up to one (1) week before course commencement without incurring a financial penalty. Refunds will not be given at all after this point. No Concession rates are available .


On successful completion a course, The Centre for Athlete and Sport Education will issue a Certificate and/or Results Statement (as appropriate) which will be emailed to the student email address on file in the Learning Management System.

Generally, a Certificate and/or Results Statement (as appropriate) will be issued within four weeks of the final assessment and completion. Each certificate is generated with a unique code which can be verified online by a third party. All Certificates and/or Results Statement will be kept for a period of 5 years after issue.


The Centre for Athlete and Sport Education is committed to quality training and assessment and will not tolerate plagiarism in any circumstances. Plagiarism is the act of using someone else's work or ideas as if they were your own without giving proper credit to the source. If materials from published authors is used to support submitted assessment work, students must cite and reference the works correctly. Please note that information on the internet is not necessarily true and is not free from copyright. As there are varying degrees of plagiarism and cheating, each suspected case will be adjudicated individually by the Director of Education.


If a student wishes to withdraw from a course, the student must notify The Centre for Athlete and Sport Education in writing.


The Centre for Athlete and Sport Education promotes, encourages and values diversity and is committed to providing quality education to all students in a learning environment that is free from discrimination, harassment, bullying and vilification.


The Centre for Athlete and Sport Education supports all participants to lodge a complaint or appeal as deemed appropriate. We are committed to providing an effective and fair process to resolve matters through appropriate resolution processes. . All complaints and appeals will be dealt with in a constructive and timely manner.
You have the right to appeal an assessment result you believe to be unfair, incorrect or inappropriate. Complaints and Appeals should be submitted in writing to the National Projects Manager. Appeals against an assessment result must be received in writing within 6 months of the assessment being marked. Assessment items are kept for a period of 1 year.


A student has the right to request an extension prior to the due date if they feel they will not complete their assessments by the agreed submission date. Students are required to email the National Projects Manager in writing who will assess the extension request and reply to the student within 3 working days if the request has been successful. Note that not all extension requests are granted.


Evaluation forms an important component of each of our courses and each course will have an evaluation survey which is used to inform changes before the next course intake.


The  Centre for Athlete and Sports Education is a wholly owned subsidiary of AFL SportsReady. The The Centre for Athlete and Sport Education, will ensure it meets its legal and ethical requirements in relation to students' personal information as per the Privacy Act 1998 and according to the privacy laws of each state and territory that we operate in.  See[1]